The Video Game Book Club is the result of a number of efforts. First, Michael Macasiano and I really like doing a podcast together. We have fun together and we wanted to keep that going. Second, we both have a ton of games in our backlog. Third, we both have a TON OF GAMES in our backlog. Combine all of that, and you get our new podcast, Video Game Book Club. That's the story behind the show (you can even take a listen while you're scrolling through this), now here's the story behind the design.
Here, you can see some of what we were going for, particularly going in one or two directions. The first direction is the academic/university/family crest. The other is playing around with the idea of pulling back from the "book club" aspect and thinking about the game case/booklet idea. In general, we made sure to peel back layers to get to the core elements. Basically, we did the "would it look good on a lapel pin" test. We even circled some of the ones that worked for us a little bit better.
I started going way in the direction of an academic crest, with the shield and the circular seal design. There are hints of this style in the original sketches. We also disregarded the color at this step until we figured out what we liked the most.
Finally, we simplified all the symbols, cleaned up the text and the shield quite a bit, and went back to the original color combination of red, blue, gold, and white that we were attracted to. From there, the red/blue gradient overlay gets applied to the game we're discussing. Here, you can see the art for our episodes on first two Half-Life games, Beyond Good & Evil, and our 2018 Games of the Year.
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